Ethics Committee of Research

Ethics Committee of Research

The Ethics Committee of Research of the Technical University of Crete:

  • constitutes and operates in accordance with Law 4521/2018.
  • has objective to examine whether a research program is conducted with respect to the value of human beings, the autonomy of the participants, their private life and personal data, as well as the natural and cultural environment.
  • is composed of five Regular and five Alternate Members.
  • its Members are scientists, specialized in subjects of research, ethics/bioethics and deontology of research and their cognitive subjects ensure the maximum possible representation of TUC’s cognitive domains.
Members (Regular, Alternate)
From Technical University of Crete

Zopounidis Constantin, Professor (School of Production Engineering & Management).

Ioannidis Sotirios, Associate Professor (School of Electrical & Computer Engineering).

Panagiotopoulou Paraskevi, Associate Professor (School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering).

Kandilakis Dimitrios, Professor (School of Architecture).

Arabatzis Georgios, Assistant Professor (School of Production Engineering & Management).

Pentari Despina, Associate Professor (School of Mineral Resources Engineering).

From other Universities

Zorbas Konstantinos

Simos Panagiotis

Iniotakis Petros

Dourou Athanasia - Maria