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Special Account for Research Funding (ELKE)

The Special Account for Research Funding of the Technical University of Crete was founded in February 1988 and has already managed over 3000 research, educational development and other projects.  The structure of ELKE consists of the following Departments:

  • Administrative Services
  • Projects Planning, Development and Quality Measurement
  • Projects Management
  • Procurement of Products and Services
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Informatics Support

and the Legal Services Office.

It is among the top Universities in Greece according the number of the managed research projects.

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Research Committee



The Research Committee is the decision-making unit of E.L.K.E. and is distinct from the Technical University of Crete. Administration.

In each University the Committee is appointed by the Rector and composed of representatives of all University Faculties.

The Vice Rector for Research is by definition the President of the Committee.

The responsibilities of the Research Committee are described at the Law 4485/2017, Art. 54.



Ethics Research Committee



The Ethics Committee of Research of the Technical University of Crete constitutes and operates in accordance with Law 4521/2018.

Objective of the Ethics Committee of Research is to examine whether a research program is conducted with respect to

  • the value of human beings,
  • the autonomy of the participants,
  • the private life and personal data of the above mentioned,
  • the natural and cultural environment.





The Financial and Administrative Support Unit (ELKE) of the Special Account for Research Funding of Technical University of Crete, operates in accordance with the provisions of the Law 4485/2017:



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